For us, the answer is simple:
We love beer. We love to brew it;
we love to drink it, we love to teach others about it.


For Young Veterans Brewing Company (YVBC) brewing is about love. Since our first batch, we have been delighted by the artistry of the process and the creativity of recipe development and perfection. We are captivated by the detail and scientific precision required during the production and maturation processes. Mostly though, we love the joy we provide with our distinctive, high quality beer.

We obsess about our recipes, their quality and the professionalism with which we continue to improve them. When you do what you love and discover a growing and lucrative market for the products you produce the argument is easy to make. Make beer because you love it.

Thomas Wilder

- Co-Founder/Business Operation –
– Branch of Service: Army National Guard -

After serving 4 years in the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer/Equipment Operator and 14 month tour in Mosul, Iraq, Thomas Wilder decided not to re-enlist. Instead he took the knowledge and discipline instilled in him by the military and applied it to his dream of being an Entrepreneur. Having spent the last 7 years as a homebrewer, his dream of owning a brewery was only natural.


- Co-Founder/Brewmaster –
– Branch of Service: Army, Army Reserves -

After serving 3 years in the US Army with the 1st Infantry Division and a tour in Iraq, Neil McCanon re-enlisted as a Drill Sergeant in the US Army Reserves for an additional 7 years. Neil has a degree in Brewing Science from Siebel Institute and The Doemans Academy. Before attending Siebel, Neil actively pursued homebrewing and also worked as an apprentice at O’Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk, VA.



Jeremy Hockensmith

- Position: Assistant Brewer –
– Branch of Service: Army, Army Reserves -

Andrew Wilder

- Position: Assistant Brewer –
– Civilian -

Kasey Wilder

- Position: General Manager –
– Civilian -
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